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In addition to owning a few cameras, lights and accessories, I can also source higher-end cinema camera packages in the Arri Alexa family through my crew associates for great rates. We can source whatever camera package you may need for your project.

I also have a preferred Gaffer with Truck & Van Grip/Electric Packages with essentially every light known to man that we can a la carte for your specific show to maximize budgetary constraints. 

RED Helium 8K Cine Camera Package

Sony FS7 mkii 4K Cinema Camera Package

Sony FX3 4K Cinema Camera Package

Canon C300 MKI 1080p Cine Camera Package

Canon 5D MKIII DSLR Package

Deals on Arri ALEXAs through associates

Full RED Package Inventory  

Full Sony Fs7 II Inventory


17" Director's Monitor

Wireless Video + Wireless Follow Focus

Rokinon Prime Lens Set EF Mount 

14mm, 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm


Zeiss ZE Primes EF Mount

Canon 16-35mm, 24-105mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm

Tokina 11-20mm

Nucleus-M Wireless Focus Kit

LiteGear LiteMat4

2 1x1 BiColor LED LitePanels

Zhiyun F100 LED / Fiveray M40 Pocket

Aputure Lighting Packages

Audio Packages - Wireless Lavs / Boom

6.5ft x 8ft Flex Green Screen

Grip Packages

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